Master of Fine Arts in Craft

Critical studio Practice

Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) has a long tradition of educating entrepreneurial, critical thinkers and creative makers who innovate through engagement with materials.

The MFA is an advanced Craft studies program which emphasizes problem solving through the manipulation of materials and the vigorous exchange across disciplines and media. With an expansive and versatile approach, the MFA exposes you to an intellectual investigation of process, purpose, and communication distinguished by its methodology as much as its outcome. The 60-credit program combines courses in studio creative practice, cross media studies, theoretical seminars, and electives. The program has been designed as a full-time immersion, with two full academic years (fall and spring) and one mid-sequence summer term of study.

How to apply

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Creative Practice – 30 credits
Self-directed studio work comprises half of the student’s required MFA credits, and it is expected to be an ongoing practice throughout their course of study, including the summer. Each graduate student will meet regularly with a committee to discuss and evaluate their progress. The committee consists of three members with at least one being an OCAC faculty member. Fall and spring semesters require enrollment in a minimum of six credits, and the summer session requires enrollment in a minimum of three credits.

Integrated Practice (critique seminar) – 12 credits, 4 classes
Each semester a distinguished MFA Instructor-in-Residence will lead a seminar-based critique course focused on assisting graduate students in understanding and articulating the substance of their work. This course provides the structure for understanding the critical issues of craft within the context of the student’s studio practice. The course is augmented with discussions prompted by various outside academic and professional guests, assigned readings, as well as trips off-campus to area resources and exhibitions. 

Critical Inquiry (Chair’s seminar) – 12 credits, 4 classes
Facilitated by the MFA Chair, this course explores the contemporary, cultural, critical, methodological and economic aspects of making art. OCAC faculty, guest artists, writers, curators, and other relevant professionals will assist in providing diverse competencies and perspectives. The course will also address professional development issues such as internships, grant writing, and pedagogical strategies. This course is open to all first - and second-year MFA students and is offered during the fall and spring terms only. Four semesters enrollment in this three credit offering is required.

Exploratory Focus (electives) – 6 credits, 2 classes
The curriculum provides 6 credits for graduate students to engage in studies that investigate topics, techniques, or materials that are specific to an individual student’s interest. In consultation with their advisor, students may select elective offerings in the areas of academic studies, book arts, ceramics, drawing and painting, fibers, metals, photography and wood, as well as internships and independent studies.


Conversation On Craft Is a forum, hosted by MFA in Craft addressing the skill and art of creativity. Focused on a making space, The intention Is to incite discourse and exercise motivations, aspirations, even prejudices that surround contemporary craft, particularly craft’s persistent presence in a contemporary culture suspicious of labored beauty and material literacy.  Through a discussion with artists and educators with a moderator, an open dialog is established and continued.


Karl Burkheimer, MFA in Craft Chair
Dylan J. Beck, Ceramics
Christine Clark, Metals 
Courtney Kemp, Lead Faculty, MFA in Craft and Material Studies 
Jiseon Lee Isbara, Fibers
Jeanne Medina, Fibers
Michelle Ross, Drawing and Painting
Mark Rupert, Photography
Brian Shannon, Printmaking

Barb Tetenbaum, Book and Print 
Craig Drennen, Drawing and Painting
Crystal Schenk, Sculptural Practice
Ryan Burghard


Stephanie Gervais, Fall 2018

Lisa Jarrett, Summer 2018

Betany Porter, Spring 2018
Kristin Cammermeyer, Fall 2017

Amy Santoferraro, Spring 2017
Lindsay Preston Zappas, Fall 2016
Jenene Nagy & Joshua West Smith, Summer 2016
Josephine Zarkovich, Spring 2016
Dan Attoe, Fall 2015
John Motley, Fall 2015
Kaila Farrell Smith, Fall 2015
Don Crow, Spring 2015
Bobbi Woods, Fall 2014
Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Summer 2014