Distinguished Instructor-in-Residence Lisa Jarrett at OCAC for Summer 2018

Lisa Jarrett joins the OCAC MFA programs as distinguished instructor-in-residence for Summer 2018! Jarrett will teach Integrated Practice, a key course for both MFA in Craft and MFA in Craft and Material Studies students.

The structure of Integrated Practice challenges students to consider key issues of craft and material studies within the context of their studio practice. With the goal of promoting discussion understanding and articulation of ideas, various outside academic and professional guests (including, but not limited to artists, critics, curators, writers, performers, art historians) will regularly engage the class as a group and through individual studio visits. Offered on-campus, this course provides dynamic, critical and collaborative activities to build relationships and contribute to versatile critical dialogues in the field.


Lisa Jarrett was born in 1977 in Morristown, New Jersey. Growing up as a Black American who moved with her family to various, often conflicting political climates in cities in Texas, Minnesota, and New York, the influences of her upbringing in a post-Civil Rights and increasingly so-called “post-racial” America are apparent in her work, which confronts ideas of racial difference and perceptions of racial equity.

Though conflating comparisons of Self and Other within a racial context are surely not limited to the American Black Experience and can be examined in myriad global racial milieus, Jarrett’s work is typically centered upon deconstructing, defragmenting, and, in turn, reconstructing and reassembling her personal experiences as a Black woman in America into projects that ask viewers to consider their own roles in present-day race relations.

Jarrett lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where she teaches classes in art and social practice at Portland State University's School of Art + Design. She exhibits nationally and currently has work in the Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hateexhibition.