Gain Vatthanasangpan MFA '19 in NYC for artist assistantship

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Gain worked with artist Liliya Lifanova in the Clemente artist studios on the Lower East Side.

"During my assistantship, I helped Liliya plan and fabricate her objects, which she intends to use in her next performance and then in a documentary film. Her content revolves around moon ceremonies, shown through the symbol of the rabbit. I learned much through this process about delicacy, awareness, and the contemplation present in slow processes.

After our long work days in the studio, we would drink beer and meet up with curators, artists, and friends. This has been a great experience for me to consider agency in my own studio and art community of Portland.

Best thing I saw in NYC:

“Heavenly Body” exhibition at The Met. The atmosphere of the sacred, of Catholic ritual, and the value of craftsmanship and labors are things I plan to consider as I get back into making my studio this Fall."