Karl Burkheimer, Chair of MFA in Craft, at LAVC

Updated: Sep 23, 2018


LAVC // Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery 5800 Fulton Ave, Valley Glen, CA

EXHIBITION // Sept 19 through Dec 6, 2018 RECEPTION // Wed, Sept 19, 6–8pm LECTURE // Fri, Sept 14, 12:15pm in Art 103

Beginning first as architectural interventions built with common construction materials, the gallery space will be a laboratory that allows for a call and response style of mark-making and surface treatment. Over the course of several weeks LAVC students will have the opportunity to participate in a collective art process through contributing imagery, text, gestures and marks to the facades of these works. The artist will respond, by further manipulating and integrating those contributions.

Tension implies persistent adjustment, a provocation to engage. The rhythm of rebuffing avoids stasis, as previous acts elicit response. Over the duration of this exhibition, creative acts lose continuity as subsequent reactions conflate authorship, negating intent; tautline invites uncertainty through the public space of continuance, eschewing the apathy of comfort or knowable result.

Embracing collaborative acts exceeding the limitations of the individual, Burkheimer orchestrates and participates in a practice of blurring authorship—lowercase “c” collaborations. Large acts of one are offset by subsequent acts of many, and thus responded to and so on: marking, redacting, rebuffing, recurring, remarking. The fluid process yields outcomes intended to challenge completeness and stasis, reflecting an art of an erratic continuance, from conception to ruin to return.

Karl Burkheimer’s artistic practice is founded on his complicity with material culture and the built environment, particularly as expressed through a making space. His work has been exhibited nationally, including exhibitions in Seattle, Washington, Snowmass, Colorado, American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon, the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Portland Art Museum in Oregon. His critical writing has been published in Ceramic Monthly. He has been awarded a Professional Fellowship, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; an Individual Artist Fellowship, Oregon Arts Commission; Project Grant, Oregon Arts Commission; Faculty Achievement Award, Oregon College of Art and Craft; the 2013 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards at the Portland Art Museum; 2013 U.S.-Japan Creative Artist Fellowship; and the 2016 Ford Family Fellowship in Visual Art. 

Burkheimer is currently the Chair of the MFA in Craft at Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC). He received his MFA from the Department of Crafts and Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from North Carolina State University. Formally the head of OCAC’s Wood Department, Karl has been actively involved in the development of OCAC’s MFA programs, and was the Associate Chair within the Applied Craft + Design program, a collaborative MFA with Pacific Northwest College of Art. Prior to joining the faculty at OCAC, Burkheimer was an Assistant Professor of design at Virginia Commonwealth University’s branch campus in Qatar. He has also worked with students and faculty from the University of Manitoba as a guest artisan for service learning studios in Turkey and Africa.