MFA Thesis, Essence and Chronicle, Opening December 9th

Essence and Chronicle December 9–23, 2018 ArtReach Gallery

At First Congregational UCC 1126 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205 Monday–Friday 10 am–2 pm | Sunday 9 am–1 pm

Opening: December 9, 2018 | 11:30 am–2:30 pm

“She gathered plums and wrote me a letter about clearing trees from a neglected orchard, collecting fruit and canning preserves. I was 3,000 miles away but could see the clearing, as I wondered what art was being created in our workspace. I sought a connection between our studio on the West Coast and the temporary space of my family’s home. Returning from Oregon was not glamorous, but as she knew, wild was still available in the Midwest. Our daily ritual of walking was shared with phone calls. I described a neighbor’s untamed property with abandoned cabins, the animal’s tracks, the patches of Queen Anne’s lace and wandering for play around the Ohio woods. She told me about the sunshine, Queen Anne’s lace in the field that overlooked the Cascade Mountains and weeding she conquered on our shared property. She cleared the blackberry bushes while I hid in them. After rereading her letter and many more walks, I desired to visually share stories that were as poetic and affectionate as a hand-written letter or friend’s phone call. I wanted to archive the memory of a shared place and return to our studio. I packed my bags and drove back, if anything just to see what she made out of her plums, hear of friends ongoings or create more stories to share.”

Making and memoir are brought together elevating ordinary moments in Essence and Chronicle. This dynamic show pairs sensory encounters with images of domestic spaces, reflecting separate paths and mutual ingredients. Essence and Chronicle is the thesis show of Lindsay Martin and Ellen Petruzzella, who are graduating from Oregon College of Art and Craft with Master of Fine Arts in Craft degrees. This show will be held at the ArtReach Gallery in conjunction with Life’s Lines. The opening for Essence and Chronicle will take place Sunday, December 9, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Ellen Petruzzella and Lindsay Martin bottle memories like potions engaging materials, finding their immaterial essence. In their show, Essence and Chronicle, they debut an account of past and present poetic anecdotes. Whether the sense is smelly, spongy or colorful, one walks away with exposure and image to stow away like a memento. Ellen Petruzzella highlights sensory experiences beyond the seen. Her work explores awareness and the instinctual, sharing the space between the known and felt. Lindsay Martin uses memory as a firestarter for painting and allows paint to transform the memory. To Lindsay, pattern is tangible texture, a new sensory experience to place. Looking at objects, landscape and interior design, she infuses traditional technique with new ways of exhibiting personal anecdotes and familiar figures. This show will be non-fictional and surreal, including visual and sensory encounters, highlighting individual and collective experiences.