SOFA '17: Courtney Kemp, Amy Santoferraro on 'Learning is Doing' Panel

Learning is Doing

Lecture Room B

Friday, November 3 | 1:00PM-2:00PM

Mentoring, a relationship focused on the development of skill and self, has become more prevalent and pertinent in the academic world of art and design. Designed to ease the transition from student to practitioner it can be utilized to refine skill, expand practical knowledge and promote real world experience with a practicing professional. This panel will discuss the benefits and potential challenges of mentoring in academia and look at community engagement as an alternative form of continuing education. 

Moderated by Amy Santoferraro, Program Manager, MFA Applied Craft + Design (OCAC/PNCA).  Presented by the MFA Applied Craft + Design (OCAC/PNCA) in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “MFA Applied Craft + Design: Thinking Through Making.”


Norman Teague Sara Black Courtney Kemp Randy Higgins Eric Trine